CLSNCF Resources

CLIU #21 Annual Golf Tournament

The money generated by the annual golf tournament offers a gifting of dollars to help families and students with disabilities to pay for day and residential summer camp programs.

Gifting Fund

The Gifting Fund provides opportunities such as “G” Club, “B” Club, and other summer camping experiences for students. The Gifting Fund also supports awards for personal GPS devices and/or associated service plans for families with students who have exhibited elopement behaviors.

Anne Winkler (Social Worker Fund)

The Anne Winkler Fund provides emergency assistance such as clothing, furniture and heating for families and children throughout the school year. Funds are distributed based on the recommendation of the CLIU social workers who work directly with the families to identify needs.


The Ashlyn J. Snyder Scholarship Fund was created by Barbara and Jeff Snyder in memory of their daughter who was a CLIU student. The funds will be used to assist families with medical needs and special family activities.

Horizon Fund

The Horizon Fund was created to memorialize CLIU students who have passed away. Books related to the student’s interest are purchased, marked with a bookplate in memory of the student, and donated to the student’s home school library or preschool classroom.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was established to ensure the continuation of the good work of the Foundation. Donations to the Endowment fund ensure the sustainability of the Carbon Lehigh Special Needs Children’s Foundation far into the future.