The Special Needs Children's Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of Elected Directors and Permanent Directors. Elected Directors are individuals who have been duly elected to the Board at the annual meeting of the Directors, and shall be selected from members of the business and community at large. Permanent Directors are individuals currently serving the CLIU in one or more of the following offices: CLIU Executive Director, the CLIU Assistant Executive Director/Assistant To The Executive Director, CLIU Director of Business Services, the President of the Board of Directors or designee, the President of the CLIU Education Association and the CLIU Director of Special Programs and Services.

Officers of the Board of Directors:
• Executive Officer - Dr. Gregory Koons
• President - George Husack
• Vice President - Dr. Brooke Zumas
• Secretary - Dr. Mark Scott
• Treasurer - Jeanne Coy

Permanent Board of Directors:
• Dr. Gregory Koons
• Kim Talipan
• Jeanne Coy
• Dr. Mark Scott
• George Williams
• Dan Curtis

Elected Directors:
• Dr. Brooke Zumas
• George Husack
• Barbara Snyder
• Steven Hawkes
• Daniel Fisher
• Robert E. Bold
• Mary Zeigler